A Black and White Poem

I seem to have totally missed last week, so I’ve decided to use the Let’s Write in  Black and White poem challenge posted by Kerry last Wednesday for my open link inspiration.  I’m also sharing with the open link for d’Verse Poets.

Sunset in black and white

delicate branches etched
against the fall sky
limb lowered in grief
at the travesty unfolding;
disappearing sun staring
at bucolic scene below;
nature’s beauty stolen
sold to the highest bidder,
a void in the landscape
no longer solid as a rock.
What might be taken next
proving nothing is forever?


The black and white story behind the poem is a very large rock being taken from my pasture and sold without my permission.  I’m sure he feels he did nothing wrong as it was a rock he dug out of my hayfield.  I’d like to think he simply forgot the conversation in which I told him I didn’t want the rocks removed rather than the lure of money.  I’m still trying to get my rock back.

Goats on RockThe one on the left is the one I’m missing.