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The Christmas Tree

Peggy at Real Toads has challenged us to write about Christmas.  It could be a memory or something special, or it could be from another’s point of view.  I’m not sure this is what she meant, but it’s my best effort.


Evergreen tree
everlasting life
cut from roots,
ancient and strong,
bucket of water
death prolonged;
warmth of home
filled with feast
fragrant spices
filling the air
as limbs hang low
under weight of
gaudy plastic decor,
gold and glitter
wrapped in garland
as needles wilt and
brown, loosening
from limb, falling
to the ground as
gifts are exchanged
in celebration of
good ol’ St. Nick.
Quietly, without
fanfare or bugle
the sun is reborn.

Christmas bugle

9 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree

  1. Beautiful poem and photos, Teresa. I did get a bit of a feeling of the tree’s point of view (to which I’m sympathetic) even though you may think it is more third person. Beautifully done, in my opinion.

  2. nice…was just commenting elsewhere that i miss having a live tree…not that i am all for killing a tree just to be festive….we used ours either as firewood or replanted the bulb when we had one…i miss the smell…probably because i love the forrest….i like the play in that last line as well…smiles. merry christmas

    • I’m not sure your prompt was unclear as much as I was muddled. I wanted to do the perspective of the tree, but it’s more third person than first. Hope that’s okay.

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