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Honey was sick of winter.  It was the coldest worst winter she’d ever seen, and she was ready to fly the coop and forget about frozen wattles and fluffing her feathers out to try and survive.  She was headed to vacation in the big house.  It would be eating oatmeal and basking in the sun.

basking chicken

Yep.  I have a house chicken.  She seems to have adjusted quite nicely.  I’m with her though.  I’ve had enough of this horrible cold.

I’m sharing with G-Man for his fabulous Friday Flash 55!

7 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. Honey looks pretty spoiled. We have two flocks of chickens but I can’t imagine even one in the house. But they have heat lamps and lots of straw and fresh water so I guess they are better off than some someless people. Stay warm!!! This has been the coldest winter in a long long time.

  2. You’re a good Mama hen, Razzamadazzle. Not ever having lived in a really cold climate, chickens getting too cold was not an issue. They had a light bulb in the hen house & that always seemed to be enough heat for them…

  3. Teresa…
    Lying/Laying in the Sun like an old fat cat
    And look at those furry little feet
    Loved your Fowl 55
    Thanks for playing, Thanks for your fantastic support
    You Rock From Desmoines to Debuque
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. I love this Teresa–i have been following Honey’s sojourn on FB, but I love this picture, and the great 55 that goes with it .Don’t we all long for a tropical vacation this time of year?

  5. What fun to have a house chicken. When I was a kid I sometimes had baby chicks in the house, but when they were bigger they went outside & eventually they were given to a farmer. I don’t blame Honey for being sick of winter….I surely am too!

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