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Words Count with Mama Zen

The challenge at Real Toad’s today is to write about sleep in hopes that Mama Zen can find a cure for her insomnia.

Queen Anne's Laceback breaking
soul building
bone wearying
hard work
eking a living
from the heart
of the land

working hard
from dawn to
way past dusk
non-stop toil
sweat and tears
endless year
following year

As a bonus, I’m sharing the poem I wrote for my dear goat Maisie who lost her twins yesterday.  I do think they were gone before they were born, but neither Maisie nor I care.  It truly is exhausting for both of us.  I wouldn’t recommend stress as a cure for insomnia though.

Birth and death
and all the good
stuff packed between.

What happens
when there is
nothing between?

A new slate never
to be written upon.

A blossom plucked
before beauty blooms.

Born and dead
within the blink of
a mother’s teary eye.


13 thoughts on “Words Count with Mama Zen

  1. oh i’m sorry to hear about the loss of your goat’s twins… and insomnia is a cruel thing for sure.. most of the time the thoughts that pulse through our brain that keep us alive even if so very tired… usually i sleep well though…thankful..

  2. So sad, and the question is unanswerable. We are so helpless before the things you write of, Teresa–first and second poem both–work and care is all we have to bring. But at least we know what’s real in that place.

  3. Oh, Teresa, how sad about Maisie’s twins. And you’re so right, stress is no cure for insomnia.
    I’m glad I got to visit with your goats yesterday before learning about the twins.
    Hugs to you and Maisie.

  4. Oh. The hard work could have one asleep before head hit pillow. But then, now, the loss of the babies could make it hard to wake for many a day. Despite living through their death and delivery, the absence is incomprehensible like an amputated limb and worse. Your poem is understated and fabulous.

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