I missed the whole prompt a day over the weekend, but I like Heaven’s challenge to write about a mirror without the word I.  I do have problems following directions though, so I thought about my students using their cell phone as a mirror and students who are totally addicted to selfies.  It also reminded me of the FB link to an article on how people addicted to selfies might be a showing signs of mental disorders (narcissistic personality and low self-esteem).  Anyhow, all of that got rolled into my poem for today’s open link.


Selfie with my best friend, Millie

Selfie with my best friend, Millie

No gilded framed mirror
hanging on the wall.
Instead, reflection of every moment
cell phone captures it all,
a modern day mirror image
broadcast to all the world
with my bestie
going for a drive
duck lips are glam
lunch at the corner cafe
Modern day mirror
continually at my side.
Laugh lines and worry lines
magnified under the honest light
of a cell phone selfie,
shattering a perfection misconception.

4 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. selfies and snap chats.. I have four girls and it is beyond my understanding. As far as the few selfless I have done, I relied heavily on “filters” to make it acceptable 🙂

  2. Yes, there seems a huge preoccupation with personal appearance these days, with looks, with what we are doing every minute and who we are doing it with, etc. I know some of that is normal, but I very much agree with the thrust of your poem, there is a line that gets crossed into unhealthy self-centeredness and obsession. Enjoyed it, Teresa.

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