Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to examine whether or not April is the cruelest month in 66 words or less.

goat kid

April morning starts with
dead brown grass,
last summer’s remains,
blanketing barren ground.
waiting.  waiting.
while brilliant sunshine
teases with chilling winds;
frosty mornings freeze
new life trying to begin.
waiting.  waiting.
for rain renewed life,
the green of living again,
fodder for new babies
and budding poets
beside maple trees;
leaves bursting forth;
flowers peeking from earth,
but for now we are
waiting.  waiting.  waiting.


10 thoughts on “April

  1. It’s the time of birth for sure! Soon the heifers will be calving and we’ll have a sixty degree day. Waiting, waiting….

  2. Tired of waiting, Teresa. Spring decided to come here (southeast Texas). You have it all correct, April is a bugger. Today I’m spreading weed and seed fertilizer on the lawn. Directions said to do when the grass is all green, time as arrived.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve written beside a maple trees, it works though.

  3. This captures the month to perfection….the waiting, waiting, waiting……in the northwest our springs are in full bloom in early April, but I know in many places people are getting impatient for spring!

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