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Confession of Who I Am

I’m combining the prompt from d’Verse Poets and Real Toads.  Mama Zen has given us 67 words to make a confession.  Marina Sofia has challenged us to write about our identity. I’ve chosen to answer the question “What lingers when all is said and done?”  At least I’m pondering that question.


How can
I tell the world
I’m not
who they see;
strip away success–
find the scared girl
full of questions.
what lies beyond?
what comes next?
will you love me
if you see
this scared little girl
hidden beneath
a tough exterior?
When I leave this world
which will be me–
confident and successful
or timid and scared?

19 thoughts on “Confession of Who I Am

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  2. I agree: is it possible to be both simultaneously? I love the way you’ve started off with a question: ‘How can I tell the world’ – you do that with your poetry.

  3. Not that I want others to feel this way, but at the same time it’s just so nice to know that you you’re not alone. This was so beautifully written! Well done!

  4. These prompts were well suited for each other, weren’t they? And, the questions you ask are vitally important to deciphering existential meaning.

  5. the kernel of the child always hides in us, sometimes finding the wonder of the world, some the fears… I think that as we grow through life we begin to trust ourselves and the fear subsides – and we accept ourselves

  6. I can relate to these as well. I always question how much of our identity is about who we really are inside vs. how we are perceived even by ourselves.
    Enjoyable poem to read. 🙂

  7. A perfect combo of prompts to bring together here and I love the humanness spilled so truthfully. This is beautiful and so is your image…so crisp and perfect for the topic…bleeding hearts. ♥

  8. you know…the unknowing when it comes to the end…regardless of your belief or faith can get you…and we wont know until we are there what really lies beyond the curtain…..will we be sure there in the end? maybe…but even still perhaps we will be surprised…smiles.

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