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I am once again combining prompts.  The challenge at d’Verse Poets was to write a Tilus  poem, the new form created by Kelvin S-M. It has one two-line stanza with 6 and 3 syllables.  The second stanza is one, one syllable line.  The subject of the poem should reflect nature. At Real Toads, we were to use the Black Forest as our inspiration.


whisper beyond the veil
twilight calls



Or we could just go fun…


black forest cherry cheese
cake dessert





17 thoughts on “Necromancy

  1. Teresa…
    Always succinct and to the point.
    I’ve always loved your dark side.
    (And your bright side ain’t too bad either)

  2. ha smiles… i can make a decent black forest cake.. hmmm… had the last one right in the heart of the black forest with lots and lots of cherry schnaps…smiles

  3. The second one makes me too hungry… *smile* I was leaning towards the whole Black Forest Gateau idea myself, but ended up completely derailed. Loved these two!

  4. Powerfully moving; the striking image and words. The style and it’s simplicity, Zen-fully sinful in a good way. Impossible to shake the image.

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