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Words Unspoken

Today’s task for d’Verse Poets is to write a poem using slant rhyme for Meeting the Bar.  These are near rhymes as opposed to perfect rhymes.

Founders Cemetery at Naples, New York

sorrow grips my heart
shattered by death’s dart

the pale ghost of love lost
haunts dreams and thoughts

bonds death has broken
silent words left unspoken

wondering as I whisper
messages for angels to deliver

the sorrow of my human failure
depriving us a growing old future

shall we meet once again
when I join you in the divine

17 thoughts on “Words Unspoken

    • Haunting words and image.

      Not far from me, in the middle of a large hard wood forest is a forgotten burial grounds. It is a mile plus walk to it. All the stones are flat on the ground and most broken into pieces. To see them you have to clear forest debris. Am certain some years the spot is never visited by a living person and if it were most probably don’t realize where they are. The year of the markers are 1801, all are children and all died of ‘the fever’.

      This piece instantly brought the place to mind.

      • I usually find cemeteries peaceful, but there’s a couple that seem so lost and sad. I’m glad you’ve visited this one.

  1. Terrific six couplets, like Karin suggested, with a nice brave mix of the hard rhyming & slants rhymes; harsh bitter-sweet tender & sad, your message is bang on for any of us who have survived beyond some loved ones.

  2. ugh..hard feelings…the loss of love and love’s future…
    and to feel any fault in that is hard…but even the loss without that
    leaves you wondering plenty of what ifs…

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