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The Curse

At d’Verse Poets, we were given an extremely challenging list of words from which we were to create a poem.  At Real Toads, the challenge is to write a poem with a curse.  Here’s my combined offering.

pentacle and candle

Under the watchful moon
her persona changes from
mild, meek victim of his
to strong-willed sorceress.
No more hate or hurt from
his hand will she take.
Mistress to him no more;
instead her own messiah.
A glass of blood red wine
raised to toast his ill health;
a pernicious curse to be sure,
subtle at first, barely noticed,
growing in fevered strength.
The strong masterful persona
eroded, shriveled into lunacy.
Silent shadowy figures dancing,
whirling in anticipation,
retreat to the dark corners
waiting, stalking his faintly
luminous soul, approaching
through open doorway,
his warmth fading with
each faltering step.
Shadows descend.
Dragging him
down to the
darkness of

19 thoughts on “The Curse

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  2. Nicely written, Teresa. I followed along holding my breath. Like Chicago, “Dirty rat (??), he had it coming to him.”
    Speaking of Chicago, the curse (not really mine) I wrote of is of the Chicago Cubs and a Goat. I even have a picture, you can tell me what kind of goat it is.

  3. I specially like the turn on this part:

    Mistress to him no more;
    instead her own messiah.

    That is powerful curse at the end ~ Good combo of prompts Teresa ~

  4. oh heck.. i’m glad she left that victim corner – sad though that it oftens bounces so heavily into the other extreme… i wish there were more middle paths in life..

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