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Spring Healing

She sat on her favorite rock out in the pasture.  Sturdy and silent, it supported her in times of sadness.  After the harsh killing winter, she needed its strength more than ever.  She cried hot tears, watching as they wet the cool surface.  When she had no more tears to shed, she looked around and noticed the beauty of spring surrounding her, as if it had magically arrived during her visit.   She picked up the sketch pad beside her, found her pencil, and began to draw spring, beautiful and renewing, just as it was meant to be.

doodles of springtime
flowers jump from artist’s page
coloring my world


I just love when prompts fit together.  At d’Verse Poets the task was to write a haibun, a combination of prose and poetry.  You can read more about the requirements of the genre at the Meeting the Bar challenge.  Margaret asked us to look at sketchbook poetry for the challenge at Real Toads and shared some of her daughter’s amazing sketches.  I love this combination of poetry, prose and art.

18 thoughts on “Spring Healing

      • I see that you are busy – I get your feed in my email – often don’t respond because I check it on my iPhone and my fingers are not that great at typing. You will settle back in once the weather changes. 🙂

  1. Having known the healing power of spring and nature, I really enjoyed your haibun. This is my first haibun challenge and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. So many different approaches and all done well.


  2. Teresa….
    You and Nature are like ONE.
    Only with you it’s always beautiful and perfect.
    Enjoy that lovely Iowa Summer…..G

  3. So another artistic daughter is found!! Lovely drawing…she is very talented. I love the essential quality of shades of grey/black on white paper.

    Your poem… the haibun was great, but what caught me by the throat was this: I distinctly remember crying over a summer love out on the rocks by the creek…seeing my tears fall and slowly dry up on the hot stones. You got me where I live! Peace, Amy

  4. Your poem totally moved me, reminding me of my teen years when I sought out rock top solitude for tears and other magic. Love the haiku, the sketch, the whole.

  5. 🙂 Color my world with flowers. Of course I can’t draw flowers so how could I tell about them? You do it sooo nicely, Teresa
    BTW, I did know those animals at the bottom were sheep. They were so cute, bobbing up and down, I had a hard time catching all three peeping out at the same time. I wrote a note telling the source of the animals, a link, and that the top were goats and the bottom were sheep. We visited the Vauxhall, Lambeth, London, U.K, City Farm and saw a lot of cute animals. I imagine our granddaughter will return, we are finally coming home.

  6. ah nice.. i’m all for sketching spring with all its color and beauty… and i love that she saw the beauty again after the tears… it’s good to have such places that give us comfort and hold

  7. ah i have a few of those rocks that provide the firm foundation when needed…and like our notebooks…they capture light and shadow…and each provide us a bit of therapy…smiles.

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