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The Dangers of Texting

Texting all the time
Distracted driving;
Dangerous on the road
We’ve all heard the stats

Texting while learning
Teachers teaching as
students text messages
to friends across the room

Robbing themselves;
Learning only bits and
pieces between Instagram,
Facebook, and Twitter.

Bright minds twittering
their education away
one hundred and forty
strokes at a time


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10 thoughts on “The Dangers of Texting

  1. It’s been 14 years since I retired and left the classroom. Twitter was a bird calling back then. But I wouldn’t allow it. The machine would end up in my drawer until class was over. Second offense it would be in my drawer every day for a week. Third and he’s (or she) is gone. I could do that in college.
    I’ve tried texting while driving. Hold the steering wheel with knee pressure. Somehow though, though I can steer that way, it doesn’t work with my eyes off the road.

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