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I have been pretty quiet since the election results revealed Donald Trump as our future president. I shared one post on Facebook by Elizabeth Warren calling for a peaceful transfer of power. I still believe that is the most important thing. I applaud Warren and Bernie Sanders for saying they will work with Trump as long as he’s not trying to stamp out individuals’ civil liberties. I’m afraid I have to speak out though. As I see people talk about Clinton supporters as “sore losers” and condemn protesters, I am compelled to speak up.

All of you that voted for Trump, voted for a third-party candidate, or just skipped voting because you “didn’t like either candidate,” I don’t think you truly understand the chaos that you have created. So many people say they voted for him because he wasn’t a politician and he’d do his own thing. He’ll run the government like a business. News flash. Our government isn’t a business. It’s not in it to make money. It’s purpose is to provide services and keep us safe.   Have you seen what he has actually planned for his first 100 days? It’s truly frightening.

If you voted for him because you wanted lower taxes and a smaller government (the typical Republican position), you’ve just been duped by a con man. Have you actually looked at his tax plan? If not, despite all of his claims for tax breaks for the middle class, you might be surprised to find out that it’s the super wealthy that will benefit most. The biggest change in his tax plan is to lower business taxes. Now if that sounds good, you’ve not been paying attention to facts. Of course, I know many people are skeptical of science and facts, but here it is. Trump’s plan is going to cut taxes on the wealthiest which will seriously cut the nation’s income. If you don’t know what that means, you can watch a video that explains it in a direct manner. If you don’t want to watch a video, just know you need to be prepared for the next major recession.

As if his tax policies weren’t enough to cause economic strife, lets add to it his protectionist policies. America first policies are not good for trade. At this time, the United States has a thriving trade with other countries.  Trump is likely to get into a devastating trade war with China. Specifically, all those agricultural people who wanted to vote Trump into office, you just shot yourself in the bottom line. Trade wars with China would likely be detrimental to agriculture.

Where are all those new jobs Trump brags about coming from as he’s shrinking the federal government? Of course, it comes from raping our land for oil. Who cares about Native American populations? Who cares about clean water? Trees? They just provide the oxygen we breathe. Oh, wait. That’s science again, and you don’t believe in science or global warming. Who cares about the environment? If you don’t believe me, how about Eugenie Scott, founding executive director, National Center for Science Education:

This administration may be the least science- and science education–friendly one in generations. One possible nominee for the education department, Ben Carson, is a young-Earth creationist. Vice President[–elect] Pence has supported antievolution legislation in Indiana and has even pronounced evolution as unscientific on the floor of the House of Representatives. At the National Center for Science Education, we found that creationists are emboldened to act locally and at the state level when the “bully pulpit” of the presidency favors them—even if the federal government has little or no role in determining local curricula. Nominees for Energy [the Department of Energy], EPA [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency], NIH [National Institutes of Health], NSF (National Science Foundation] and other agencies are likely to be equally problematic and, of course, many members of the administration have declared their rejection of climate change. Should they and their appointees act upon that belief, agreements made with China and other nations by the current administration are at risk—which means that the future of the planet is at risk. Science and science education did not come out ahead in this election.

Did you catch who Trump wants for his education department nominee? Ben Carson. That crazy guy who doesn’t believe in evolution? The Egyptian pyramids were for grain storage? This does not bode well for science and facts and learning.  For my conservative friends who that think we need more vocational opportunities in our public schools, you’ve just destroyed that hope because Trump’s plan is to turn schools back to the state level and provide vouchers. That means your small schools will be gutted. That means no money for public education. Instead of expanding those programs you want, there will be cuts.

Now reports have come out that there may have been contact with Russia and the Trump campaign. He has already alienated our allies with talk against NATO. He has the world on edge with the possibility of completely restructuring our alliances. The world is laughing at us.

And these policy issues are just the tip of the iceberg that come with a Trump presidency. And that’s not why we liberals are pissed. That’s not why we are protesting and refusing to accept his election. No. It’s much more personal than policy.

Trump has said his kids would run his business to avoid conflict of interest, but that does not even begin to remedy the multitude of business conflicts he would have as president. Don’t even start me on how ridiculous it is to elect someone who is going to be preoccupied with trials and hearings when he should be taking a crash course on the Constitution and how to be the president. November 28th is his civil trial for fraud regarding Trump University. That is just one suit. He still has at least seventy open lawsuits that will likely distract him from all the other chaos he’s caused with his policies. If guilty of fraud, he can be impeached! You elected someone who can be impeached before he’s ever inaugurated.

Even his legal issues and conflicts of interest, however, are not the biggest issue. Do you want to know what you did? You. Every one of you who voted for Trump, voted for a third-party candidate or didn’t vote is responsible for unleashing the floodgates of hatred on millions of undeserving people. If you thought he was just talking to get people to vote for him with his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric, shame on you. You gave deplorable people permission to perpetuate hate openly. It’s only just begun.

The KKK has planned a victory parade for Trump in North Carolina. Hatred is coming out of the closet and good, decent people are freaking scared to be in this country. Signs of peace are vandalized with Trump’s name. Check it out. There are lots of reports of increasing violence. Step out of your virtual reality world designed just for you by Facebook filters and realize what you’ve done. If you really dare to see what you’ve done, visit civil right’s activist and writer Shaun King.  He is chronicling incidents of hatred around the country.

It’s not just race or religion. It’s LGBTQ people. And the disabled.  And women. Don’t forget the vice president hates women and LGBTQ. Pence is the supreme example of the messed-up Alt-Right that wants to create a uniform white Christian society with women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen while wealthy white men go happily about their business. That’s the America you brought back. It’s going to be a long four years if you don’t like people protesting.  Sanders also noted, “To the degree that [Trump] pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him.” That’s what the rest of us will do with this mess you unleashed upon us. The popular vote majority will not allow this country to go back to hate.  We will protest.  We will fight to maintain these rights. We will oppose the hatred.  Because love trumps hate.

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