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The challenge at Real Toads is to write about “Future/Tense” however we see fit.  I’m also sharing for the open link at d’Verse Poets.

Pasture Flower



never-ending patterns
consistent cycles
for how much longer
spring, summer, fall, winter


butterfly on coneflower


changing seasons changing
warmer, wetter winters
hot, drought-laden summers
spring, summer, fall, winter






science deniers turn away
as polar bears drown
and fire engulfs the land
spring, summer, fall, winter

snowdrift shadow



the time to act is now
before we destroy it all
never again to see
spring, summer, fall, winter


12 thoughts on “Future/Tense

  1. I really like how you chose to splice your words in with images. Your writing is tight, sparse, and effective to your message. Thanks so much for posting to the out of standard.

  2. The positive thing is that science is already giving us part of the solution – simply by giving us alternative clean technology… actually it’s very visible in the oil-price which is very hard to keep up, while economy is growing. And non-fossile based sources is cheaper while creating more and better jobs.

  3. Hi Teresa

    Re climate change, I have changed my opinion of this across the years, once a firm believer that this change was man-made but now understand it is a cyclical event.

    Nevertheless I firmly believe we our poisoning our planet – its surface and the air we breathe, stripping it bare and in years to come it will become a barren wasteland – but maybe we will extinct our species before that time comes, intent we seem on our own destruction.

    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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