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Play It Again: a Flash 55

Today is “play it again” day at Real Toads.  I have to say I love my microfiction, so I’m writing a poem in 55 words.

Loneliness waits patiently
outside the garden gate.
It begins when I leave
the peaceful quietness
of the farm cottage,
leaving smiling blooms behind.
Going to town, surrounded
by silent strangers–
no connections to this world.
Loneliness ends when
I am greeted by the tail
wagging outside the front gate.
Solitude returns to enjoy the day.

7 thoughts on “Play It Again: a Flash 55

  1. I like the way you have personified loneliness. I also have dogs who wait for me at the gate, and I do appreciate their company.

  2. Love it, Teresa, especially the ending. Dogs are soooo faithful and trusting. They KNOW that you will be back. Did you know that dogs don’t have a sense of time? So it doesn’t matter to them how long you’re gone. I year or two might be different. Duno, I do know that the longer you are gone in weeks they will be all the more happy to see you.

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