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Multiple Choice Test on Education

The state of education
is a shambles–
teachers don’t teach;
learners don’t learn.
So how do we make
education great again?

a. bring back God.
b.  bring back the flag.
c.  bring back discipline.

What about those teachers?

a. fire them!
b. break up the unions.
c. send them to more meetings.

Can technology save our schools?

a.  ban cell phones!
b.  put it all on Google Classroom.
c.  let computers replace teachers!

Why can’t all kids succeed?

a. poverty
b. language barriers
c.  attendance
d. lack of parent support
e. bullies
f. poor nutrition
g. mental health issues
h. lack of adequate funding
i. contradictory mandates
j. outside school commitments
k. culture
l. poor curriculum
m. all of the above

The challenge for Out of Standards today at Real Toads is to write a multiple choice poem.  Education is taking quite the hit in my state, above and beyond the attacks from the federal level, so writing a multiple choice poem simply had to be about education.

7 thoughts on “Multiple Choice Test on Education

  1. Education like many other things ought to keep pace with developments that impinge on it. What happens now is a mismatch that is not addressed appropriately! Rightly said Teresa!


  2. Hiya Teresa….I have lots of friends in Iowa and understand why education might be at the top of your mind right now. I love that you crafted this response, how appropriate and pointed. Well done and viva la!

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