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Gothic Twitter Poem

I’m not sure how to introduce the assignment from yesterday at Real Toads, but I love it!  Here is the task in Magaly’s words:

For today’s prompt, I invite you to write a new 3-stanza poem, where each stanza contains 140 characters or fewer and follows these guidelines: the 1st stanza will be a tweet from one of the thirteen writers listed below. The 2nd stanza will be a reply to the first tweet, by a different writer from the list. The 3rd stanza will be your reply/input/commentary to the exchange between the two writers. The stanza-tweets should be written in the chosen writers’ styles. And the completed poem should read as one piece.

Rocky the cat and Sky the dog

I. William Blake

Rocky, Rocky tortures the puppy.
I know not what to do.
The fearsome fight assails my soul
awaiting the end of one or the other.


II. Edgar Allan Poe

Tis madness!
A demon has possessed his senses!
This unnatural relationship
will torment the soul forevermore.
Madness, I say!


III.  Me

They drive me crazy—
my personal version of the classic
gingham dog and calico cat.
I dread coming downstairs,
finding nothing but scraps.

2 thoughts on “Gothic Twitter Poem

  1. I almost gave my husband a heart attack–he was sleeping next to me, and your poem made me laugh so hard. The voices (and concerns) of Poe and Blake are perfectly hysterical. And your response is brilliant. 😀

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