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Books On a Shelf

Books on a shelf–
words enter my being,
characters worm their way
into my heart and soul,
searing their experiences
into my thoughts and
sharing their memories,
mixing with mine;
living a thousand lives
from the safety of my couch
knowing I’ll never see their
worlds with my eyes–
only through
books on a shelf.

Sharing with Hedgewitch at her blog Verse Escape.


3 thoughts on “Books On a Shelf

  1. Walking Man here.

    I imagine a bibliophile who has a huge TBR pile that constantly shrinks and end you out shopping every dusty corner of of used book stores and coffee counters in new full retail shops.

    I only have one criticism and it’s as me, as a writer–if I can not make you see my vision, my world, my heart through your eyes using my words then I fail. When a writer takes to their craft it is to show you what we see. In the picture I see too many bibliographies and books trying to explain what was this or that–I say–you know what happened without explanation. Spend you hard gained gold on–saaaaaaaaaaaaaay Charles Bukowski. If he can’t show you a real world…

    Thanks btw for stopping by TWM.


  2. Yes, words are a passport to so many worlds and ways we’ll never see or travel. Thanks so much for adding 55 of yours to the mix, Teresa. I am no G-man, but I hope you have a kickass weekend just the same.

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