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I am linking today’s poem to d’Verse Poets challenge of writing a quadrille (44 word poem) using some variation of the word quick.  I am also sharing at Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.  An alternate title might be “staff meeting.”

silent screams
echo in my mind
over and over and
around and around–
the same stale
arguments rape my soul
until I feel the quickening
of stagnant creativity
within my wounded womb,
growing, kicking to escape
its bodily confines
until it explodes,
birthing greatness.

14 thoughts on “Conformity

  1. This resonates, especially the “around and around” of it. Sometimes I question the purpose of it all. In the end, someone’s power seems to prevail.

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect that ending! Thank goodness for creativity, eh? Conformity and the corporate world are two of my horrors, which I have spent most of my life avoiding – and luckily have been able to arrange my life to do so (preferring the consequent low income to dealing with all that). This gives me some idea of what I’m not missing!

  3. You’ve experienced nothing until you have attended a meeting of a government department. My old boss hated them and I got to stand in for him as he was often indisposed those monday mornings. Luckily I could always give the answer “I’ll get back to you” to questions whilst the other managers squabbled amongst themselves.

  4. I worked mostly with women at the college and our “staff” meetings were an epicurean delight. The did like my watermelon Jello desert. Red, green, in right places, with chocolate chip seeds. Okay. Your poem.
    this isn’t our first baby not by far
    I know the routine, it’s same ol same ol
    We exchange ideas but in the end
    Your brilliant schene we will praise deem real fine
    My correct solution still birthed once more

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