The Circus


Today, I am joining with d’Verse Poets for their Tuesday prompt (I know I’m late).  The task was to write a poem about the circus.  I’m also linking to Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads.  Fireblossom has challenged us to use a foreign word or phrase.

Lions and tigers roaring welcome;
camels and elephants plodding.

Loud calliope notes dancing
through the canopied sky.

Clowns honking the bulb horn
scaring kids into bright laughter.

Unicycles and high wire acts
thrilling the senses with danger.

Stilted tall men and midgets
racing around the circle.

Popcorn and laughter
abound on a sunny afternoon.

Then he arrives–le bête noir–
the magician caped in black.

Secretive in his art, the one
who scares with possibility.

Can he cut me in half and
leave me torn apart?

The power of life and death;
taunting innocence with power.