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The Circus


Today, I am joining with d’Verse Poets for their Tuesday prompt (I know I’m late).  The task was to write a poem about the circus.  I’m also linking to Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads.  Fireblossom has challenged us to use a foreign word or phrase.

Lions and tigers roaring welcome;
camels and elephants plodding.

Loud calliope notes dancing
through the canopied sky.

Clowns honking the bulb horn
scaring kids into bright laughter.

Unicycles and high wire acts
thrilling the senses with danger.

Stilted tall men and midgets
racing around the circle.

Popcorn and laughter
abound on a sunny afternoon.

Then he arrives–le bête noir–
the magician caped in black.

Secretive in his art, the one
who scares with possibility.

Can he cut me in half and
leave me torn apart?

The power of life and death;
taunting innocence with power.

25 thoughts on “The Circus

  1. I love the circus and love your poem. And I will miss going and would misd the elephants. Kids and grandkids outgrow them. The greats are one, three, and seven. Some of them might go?
    p.s. One of my favorite books, “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen, is a really nice book about a circus employee.

  2. I can’t believe that I loved the circus when I was child, for they were but cruel entertainment for the masses. Luckily times and treatment of animals and humans have changed and what we laughed at then just brings a shudder!

  3. Oh yes, the magician is the one that both fascinated and frightened young ones as you aptly described…’The power of life and death; taunting innocence with power’ leaving youths awestruck and many desiring the same power.

  4. Oh luv how you built excitement to the entrance of the sinister magician

    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  5. Great description of the circus. “Taunting innocence with power ” somehow has a sinister connotation for me. It applies to much of our current news.

  6. I can’t recall ever visiting a circus Teresa – but your words took me there and the atmosphere within.
    I guess if a child, magicians would have a scary quality – I never saw a magician (live) either – I guess my childhood was a little devoid of experience…
    … so again, I thank you for taking me there!
    Anna :o]

  7. Striking images here Teresa and I like your close very much too: “taunting innocence with power…” And spectacle?

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