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Harboring Tears

Today’s topic for the quadrille (poem of exactly 44 words) at d’Verse Poets is harbor.  That’s it.  Use some form of the word harbor in the poem.  I’m also sharing at Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

Years of past hurt
harboring tears
buried deep within
each and every cell,
a part of me now.
What if I were to
let them all go–
flooding the world
with my sorrows?
Who would I be
freed from the past
happy at last?

15 thoughts on “Harboring Tears

  1. Been so long your writer wouldn’t know how to act now. Lots of tears though. I have some of my own, my sobs are stifled now. They come forth sometimes when I sigh inward.

  2. Odd as it may seem, there are times there is a certain comfort in harboring the pain, like a memory of a broken love, painful yet even more painful to let go. a beautiful poem of sensitivity.

  3. Oh, this is such a sensitive verse — we sometimes become so accustomed with our pain and sorrows that a probable time beyond or without them seems disorienting. This is so well reflected in your verse.

  4. I do believe we all, no matter how well adjusted, no matter if we are in a happy relationship, harbor some inner thoughts. It is when there is a self-constructed dam created to hold back a flood of such thoughts, that they begin to eat away at us— and yes, threaten a flood of tears….or angry words….or a spate of drinking….or …
    Excellent post to the prompt.
    Here’s to healthy letting go!

  5. Sometimes we have to let our tears run their own course .. in order to deal with emotions we must let the heart and mind coincide (difficult though it may be) in the end it’s the only way.. 💖

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