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Wordle: The Letter C

The challenge posted at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is a wordle today.  The words are:  callous, counterweight, cervical, closure, currency, consider, chronic, cause, city crush, and contemptuous.  I am also sharing with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.

An evil mind’s cervix dilates,
birthing a secretive callous plan
designed by a budding dictator,
a vile contemptuous idea to
cause the end of free thinking,
permanently closing the human
mind to crush democratic liberty
desperately desired by the masses.
Creating a chronic wasting of basic
kindness, caring, and consideration.
City lights flicker and dim in accord
with painful death throes of thought.
Stupidity–the currency of the day;
learning the only counterweight.
Is is too late?

11 thoughts on “Wordle: The Letter C

  1. Everyone wants a tough leader but not one who is tough on his own people and soft on potential enemies.Sadly it is said we get the government we deserve then realize it’s our fault for being so trusting.

  2. politics makes for strange bedfellows and certainly there is no shortage of commentary to be mined in these dark and corrupt for the corpulence times …

  3. One can only hope others read some of the editorials that point out some of the more recent stupidity – I did read an article where the one politician that others wanted, declined to run to put his family through the grief. Years ago he thought about it for months – if the same opportunity presented today he said he would take less than ten minutes to say ‘NO’.

    Good people are afraid to run, much less come forward – Learning has to put things right – one can only hope. 🙂

    • We just finished reading “Harrison Bergeron” in my English 10 class, so that might have something to do with my inspiration. The short movie 2081 is a great adaptation of the story.

  4. Perhaps it was too late from the very beginning. Democracy remains a confusing ideal today with its offset egalitarian goals and yet the inability to control the inequities of the resultant neoliberal market economy. It eventually curtails freedom and not just of thought.
    I liked the idea of the evil mind here which is unto itself responsible for the end of reason and free thought.
    Well-penned. 🙂

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