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The weekend challenge at Real Toads is a combination of a photo challenge and a Flash 55.  I’m late, but I couldn’t resist joining in.

Lines Meeting (1932)
Pierre Dubreuil

lady liberty shackled and
held down against her will
pulled back to earlier times;
hairy-knuckled cavemen
dragging by her hair
padlocked to the past,
submissive and subservient
to the white man–political
man–in power of all;
locked in oppression’s cage,
left like a lioness pacing,
waiting for the moment
to pounce for the jugular

3 thoughts on “Padlocked

  1. Chilling, Teresa. Mrs. Jim and I were talking about last night. How the practice of raiding for women or mass raping by conquerors has mainly died away except by some of the less civilized, ISIS-like or modern gang practices, and by demented persons who hated their mothers or other women of authority. In the main. Perhaps “locker room antics” like of late we here is excusable.

    • I must respectuflly disagree. You say most countries have moved past the barbaric practice of raiding for women; however, it still goes on more than we would like to admit. Human trafficking is a huge issue. Girls are still forced into marrying rapists to prevent the rapist from being held accountable. Should we excuse the locker room behavior of teens who sodomized their classmate with a hanger because he is gay? Nope. It needs to change. I believe we need to quit being drug backwards and continue moving forward until men learn that women are not there to grab or use as a way to prove their power. It’s never acceptable to sexually harass, assault, or turn anyone into a slave. These issues go way beyond any “locker room antics.”

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