Everyday Hate

everyday hate
the fashion again
gun down the blacks
everyday hate
brought into the light
shoot up the Synagogue
everyday hate
promoted from the top
lock up the children
everyday hate
taking away freedom
send in the military
everyday hate
has to stop
before it’s too late


Sharing with Read Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

8 thoughts on “Everyday Hate

  1. Nice and simple which could have many other verses. I like the last one. But how? Seems to me there is only one rule that covers all, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

  2. everyday hate
    has to stop
    before it’s too late

    There seems to be no let up and it is happening again and again. There seems to be an event waiting to happen and all are accepting the inevitable! And nobody is providing an answer!


  3. The intention is to instill fear in the population so they become subordinate to a dictatorial regime. Zealous supporters think they can help in this way.

  4. Hate has “always been fashionable” – if one’s view is to follow and trust in Fear. And what is hate but Fear?
    A continuous infection that feeds and breeds and expands just because we continue to further disconnect and dislocate and disassociate –
    so what now?
    yes, of course – of course –
    but how … that is the question we must truthfully answer – and act upon.

  5. The common thread of hatred wields its head in different manners, be it on the basis of race or religion or class or anything else. I don’t think it ever went out of fashion — there is a certain politics to raise it in the purview of a particular leadership or dominion but it has been going on since way before.
    Your words make me ponder on the society thriving on these divisions and the corresponding hate. I too hope for it all to stop.

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