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Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to incorporate the “Japanese phrase – mono no aware (moh noh noh ah wah ray) which means, a wistful sadness at the passing of things.” into a poem and do it in one hundred or fewer words.  I am writing about the change in education where students used to doodle in the margins of their papers while they thought.  Now that is replaced by constant distractions of their phones.  I actually miss those doodles.  I’m also sharing with d’Verse Poets for their open link.

Checking a student’s
paper, neatly turned in,
a crisp white page
unmarred by doodles
in the margins
with carefully googled
sanitized responses
with nary a brain wave
activated in the process.
I long for the days
of school years past
when papers were
messy with the creative
brain’s inner churning
of ideas sprawling in
crowded margins until
ideas spilled into
well-thought out
responses hidden
among the artwork.

16 thoughts on “Doodles

  1. there are a lot of intangibles being lost for the youngsters with the introduction of mini-computers that are carried with them everywhere. this is a new one for me and it is so sad to hear it

  2. It is fascinating to see the creative mind laid bare in doodles. I never write with pen or pencil much these days Teresa. My penmanship never was great, but at 71, my hands shake a bit and I have arthritis in some fingertips. I’m a keyboard one-finger-hunt-and-peck guy. It’s my middle finger because my index finger can’t take the pressure without giving me pain. I hunt and peck pretty fast though. Sherry blue sky took me back to grade school. Ink wells, fountain pens, then those fountain pens you filled with the little levers, then the cartridges came along. They were all capable of creating a mess, though the cartridges were pretty good. Writing with a fountain pen requires some skill to get good ink flow. Thank god for my iPad or I wouldn’t be able to write. Sorry for rattling on here Teresa. Your poem inspired me!

    • I enjoyed your comment. I am torn on technology because it can be great, but I’m afraid youth don’t know how to properly use it to help their creativity. Rather it controls them.

    • We always discouraged it too, but it never worked. Now that I get clean papers, I really miss seeing them, especially since I know it’s because they are occupying their minds on their phones instead of using doodles in a creative way.

  3. Guess I got out just as this was starting, 2011. You have told a sad tale, papers too clean don’t show effort. To help that on papers I required references. Without I wouldn’t take it. Instead I would make them write in detail some area that they could tell me about some area in more detail. Most memorable was a .marketing paper, I sent him posing as the “writer” to research and tell about “that great marketer, St. John the Devine.” He did and handed in his paper very red faced.
    I feel for you, Teresa.

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