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Cheer Quadrille

The Quadrille challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a quadrille (poem of exactly 44 words) using the word cheer.  I’m also linking to the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.

Who’s going to
cheer me on,
stand in my corner
and root for me?

Who’s going to
buoy me up,
hold my head and
keep me from drowning?

Who’s going to
remember me
when I finally break
free from suffering?

Who is going to…

13 thoughts on “Cheer Quadrille

  1. Common thoughts of singles and couples without kids. Kind of a toss up between couples unless there’s big age difference. Ours is ten but people both our ages now are dying all around. Still doing it but I check the obituaries now and then to see if it’s stopped. Glad you wrote this, Teresa.

  2. This is plaintive and searching in its tone, very moving Teresa. I think we all have moments of feeling alone, even if we have people in our life. It can all get overwhelming at times, and I know, owing to my failing health, I feel guilty from time to time, not wanting to be a burden. There is a lonliness that bubbles up out of that occasional guilt. Thankfully, I am not alone, and I am grateful beyond measure. 🙂

  3. Well.. people of faith believe that a merciful loving God will be there for them if they have no one, that they will never walk alone. Believe me there are a lot of people with absolutely no one.
    If you have absolutely no one and you have no faith then truly I don’t know what you would do. Maybe if you volunteer for a charity and meet people who are disabled sick old and disadvantaged you will count your blessings. Just for an hour or two a week. They are so appreciative for so little and it is an honour to be able to make someone feel a little better about life if only briefly. I find it helps me a lot in evaluating my own situation.

    I think when I read you before you said you do have friends and a cat .Cats are wonderful . I believe God gave us animals to show us how to be selfless and to love..
    “Surely goodness will follow me always till the end of my days” I will pray this psalm for you.
    You are not alone….you just think you are:)

    I hope you take this comment in the spirit of generosity as it is intended. I am not au fait with
    the modern world and its intricate political correctness. I almost did not comment for fear of being misinterpreted and causing offence.

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