The challenge for today at Real Toads is to use three words from the provided word list.  I’ve used more, so I hope that’s okay.  For my inspiration, I’ve also drawn on my recent experience with a faulty furnace trying to kill me.  Luckily, the animals and I are all safe, but it does make one pensive.

overnight clouds
blanket the sky
snow piled high
against the house

heat laced with
deadly poison
filters throughout
the sleeping house

bedside clock vainly
announces the morning;
heart’s ache waiting
to be discovered

quiet and still in bed
resting the deep sleep
of death beneath
red carnation cheeks

14 thoughts on “Pensive

  1. My mom always sleeps with her window open a crack – even in the coldest part of winter. Glad you are OK … something like this shouldn’t sound so poetic and pretty!

  2. I’m glad you are still alive, Teresa. Did one of your animals wake you up. The poem is a thriller with a sad ending.
    BTW, what an ambitious reading last year!! With what percentage completion did you end up?

    • For the books–I finished all of them. The furnace actually quit working, and the repairman did a temporary fix (because of weekend/holiday) and warned me to make sure I had a CO detector. It went off. Strangely, I’m not sure it actually works properly–very strange. I do know the dog and I were both horribly drowsy though. I am feeling quite lucky.

  3. Coal gas used to be the problem but is mostly eliminated now. Luckily we never used gas after about 1970. However even coal or wood fires are dangerous if the flues are blocked. Sorry to hear that it was a true story.

  4. I am wondering what sort of heating this is. Sounds very dangerous….then again no heating is guaranteed death by hypothermia. I have heard that the electricity is not allowed to be cut off in the winter months for non payment of bills. There must be a way of ensuring you don’t get poisoned….some different method of heating perhaps…like the carnation red cheeks.

  5. a sad tale, and one that happens more than people think – thankfully you are safe and well; I too had some such similar several years back – and just was lucky enough to have it happen during the day/waking hours – so all ended well, but it certainly does send the jitters and shivers up and down the spine

  6. Glad you and the animals are safe. The last stanza tells the sad tale of a deadly furnace. In spite of the fumes, I like the thoughts of snow piled against the house.

  7. Yikes! I am glad to know that you survived! One can never be too careful I guess .. sigh. Love the image “red carnation cheeks.” 🙂 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. ❤️

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