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Lion’s Pride

I am joining today for the final prompt at Real Toads.  I’m very sad to see the end of this community even though I’ve not been very consistent in my writing lately.  I’m afraid I might not quite be optimistic with my observations of nature today, but it’s where I am at.  Please forgive my diversion.

The lion’s pride
protects the predator–
never the prey

The innocent lamb
sacrificed to his
never-ending appetite

Lost in the jungle
with the pride’s secret
shame buried within.

The king of the jungle
one day succumbs
to the greatest predator

Death devours pride–
a moment of retribution;
innocence never regained.

Lions from Blank Park Zoo

6 thoughts on “Lion’s Pride

  1. We are the largest predator and the most destructive. I didn’t realize Toads was leaving us in its entirety! I just thought it was Sherry’s last post. I’m even sadder now. There are few communities like this one. Dammit.

  2. “Pride comes before the fall.” You, dear teacher, know that on better than me but often comes to mind. Yes, it seems that pride is common in the predators and bullies, their never seems soon enough for me. And, I get satisfaction when I see the speeding show off pulled over ahead by the police.

  3. Indeed, an uncompromising view of what is so in the animal kingdom, and an allegory which may – too often, and sadly – have much truth about people too. And yes, in the end death catches up with the predators too. This is beautifully articulated, Therisa.

  4. This is an interesting response to the prompt, the idea of the king of the jungle succumbing to the largest predator, which turns out to be man, is very thought-provoking. Thanks for writing to my prompt….yes, we will miss Toads. The garden is unique in the blogosphere. What a wonderful almost-ten years we have had, singing pond-songs. Smiles.

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