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Teresa L. Perin

Teresa L. Perin

I studied English, history and education at Iowa State University where I earned my B.A.  I later earned an M.A. in education through Viterbo University. I have had a long teaching career in the public school and alternative/placement settings, mostly as a special education teacher, trying to teach kids that hate my subject.  While finishing my MA in Education, the coursework really rekindled my passion for writing and expressing myself in something more than simple sentences.  I’m tired of Dick and Jane writing and reading.

For the last two years, most of my writing was scribbled in notebooks as I stood in the back of a classroom waiting for something to do.  They have been frantically typed between classes and published on the run.  It’s between work and farming and family that I bare my soul.  Much of the inspiration for my writing comes from what I’m passionate about~farm, family, life and work.  I have many muses from my work and home and people that randomly pass me in the street.

I am grateful for the supportive blogging community that read my poems and left nice comments even when my writing was less than stellar.  My focus for this blog has been creative writing, a way to write and have my voice be heard.  Recently, I took the giant leap from poetry back to my first love of writing, prose.  I wrote my first novel as part of NaNoWriMo 2012, and it will be available spring 2013.

I hope you will continue to follow along and share this writing journey with me.

November, 2016 brings a new chapter in my life.  I seem to have taken the leap into political activism.  It is not a role I ever thought I would take, but the election of 2016 seems to be a good reason to make that leap.