Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a poem in celebration of the ordinary things.  It seemed like a perfect time to write about knitting, which I have only just recently begun.  I am truly enjoying it.  I am also sharing with Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

Sitting on the couch,
cozy in the winter evening
the quiet click of needles
blended with a crackling fire
sing a song of creation;
an ancient craft of love.
The yarn draped around
a finger, wrapped around
a needle and through itself,
a motion repeated endlessly,
stitching from one needle
to another–back and forth.
The cloth grows, as the
skein in my lap shrinks;
The motion a mediation,
freeing the mind from
the worries of the day.


Cheer Quadrille

The Quadrille challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a quadrille (poem of exactly 44 words) using the word cheer.  I’m also linking to the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.

Who’s going to
cheer me on,
stand in my corner
and root for me?

Who’s going to
buoy me up,
hold my head and
keep me from drowning?

Who’s going to
remember me
when I finally break
free from suffering?

Who is going to…


Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to incorporate the “Japanese phrase – mono no aware (moh noh noh ah wah ray) which means, a wistful sadness at the passing of things.” into a poem and do it in one hundred or fewer words.  I am writing about the change in education where students used to doodle in the margins of their papers while they thought.  Now that is replaced by constant distractions of their phones.  I actually miss those doodles.  I’m also sharing with d’Verse Poets for their open link.

Checking a student’s
paper, neatly turned in,
a crisp white page
unmarred by doodles
in the margins
with carefully googled
sanitized responses
with nary a brain wave
activated in the process.
I long for the days
of school years past
when papers were
messy with the creative
brain’s inner churning
of ideas sprawling in
crowded margins until
ideas spilled into
well-thought out
responses hidden
among the artwork.