The Arc of Justice

It’s  been a rough week with the craziness in the United States right now, and it’s certainly influencing my writing.  Today, I am sharing with d’Verse Poets where the challenge is to write a quadrille (44 word poem) using the word slip.

Moral justice, like people,
slips occasionally into
chaos which reminds–
the complacent;
the complicit–
all have a duty
to take a knee for the
cause of equality
before the arc resumes
its trajectory towards
the path of goodness.
Our brothers and
sisters need us.

We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I Saved a Sparrow Today

I saved a sparrow today.
I looked down, and there
she floated in the water–
silent, serene, accepting
of her death too soon.

I reached down and
scooped her into my hand;
I held her, and dried her
and snuggled her against
my body to warm her.

Barely breathing and
cold to my touch–
I feared I was too late
to save a sparrow;
but I held her with hope.

The sun shone down
to warm her feathers,
blood and bones–
she began to shiver
her way back to life.

Soon her eyes opened;
she looked up at me
before spreading her
wings and taking off
into the open skies.

I saved a sparrow today,
makes no worldly difference,
but it gave life to her,
and I wept that my hand
could save a sparrow today.

The Midnight Darkness

Today I’m sharing another poem I wrote as an example for my students.  This one is a quatern.  Today I’m sharing with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for their “Promises in the Dark” prompt.  It mostly, kinda fits.


Walking in the midnight darkness
searching blindly for my old soul,
connecting to earth and family–
how I got to be who I am.

Questioning society’s ways,
walking in the midnight darkness
trying to figure the reason
why the world is crazy today.

Hate and greed fueled by greater fear,
man attacks human and nature.
walking in the midnight darkness,
traveling a destructive path.

How can I make a change within,
appeal to greater love and hope,
asking society to quit
walking in the midnight darkness.