For the Letter Z

the Earth’s heavenly

halo in its zenith

shines radience

down upon the

crown of my head

blessings flow

through my body

from head to toe

clearing all worries

leaving me empty

in a state of

zen enlightenment

peace reigns supreme


Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday has arrived once again at the letter Z.  Z is for zen.


This week Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday is up to the letter Y.  Here is my humble offering~a trio of haiku and a bonus poem all about yesterday.


yesterday’s calling

pleasant memories lead me

to forget today


yesterday’s haunting

visits my sleep with nightmares

neverending fear


yesterday is done

today brings a new dawning

live the day fully

Yesterday fades away

into a vivid recreation

that tears me apart.

Insults and transgressions

are magnified;

the good times don’t exist.

I’ll never get over you!

You hurt me; I was helpless

as you weilded your Svengali

powers to turn me into a

hapless victim of your love.



I think it was two rounds ago, I was participating in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday.  I got stuck on the letter X when my life got unbelievably hectic.  I hate not finishing things.  I might be near OCD on that point, so I have to finish.  I’m joining back up so I can finish what I started.

This week is the letter X.  Here is an xylophone from where I work.  Be sure to check out other X posts HERE.