Ignorance is Bliss

I am still struggling. Two weeks later, I’m still fearful of what is happening.  Thanks for letting me vent in the Imaginary Garden for the Tuesday Platform.  I really do want to go back to not caring about politics.

Praying for the common man’s savior.
Lower my taxes;
give me my entitlement.
Find me a job and
create the new American dream.
Can’t see what’s coming–
denying science and common sense.
Dig that coal; move that oil;
land and water we don’t need
when we have happy big business.
Line the pockets of
modern day robber barons
for the price of our earth.

FlagMaking America great again
on the rights of those different
than the silent majority.
Race, religion, gender, orientation
shoot them like a dog;
shock them into change;
beat them into submission.
Feeling better about our failure
by hating those different than us.
Casting off antique white robes
to hate in the light of day.
Racing towards an invisible cliff.


Torture the enemy into submission;
Geneva convention be damned.
Sue the press for writing truth;
1st Amendment can go to hell.
Gut our schools; separate and unequal
makes for easily manipulated masses.
Blind to the terrors approaching
from within the borders;
swamp monsters freed from
constraints of decency.
Ignorance is bliss for
the tyrants in command.

Tuesday’s Open Platform

I might have hijacked my poetry blog for a political post (with more to probably come), but I guess if I am looking for a silver lining, it is that I am writing a poem today!  Yay.  I’ve missed writing.  I’m joining with Real Toads for their Tuesday Platform.


Loud voice’s bombast
drowning out peace;

Hateful staccato spewing,
pounding against my heart.

Fear for mankind’s family,
friends, and the world.

Paralyzed in mind;
Helpless as a babe.

Tears falling uncontrolled
numbed with hate’s control,

Where do we go
before freedom is torn away?


new moon dark
pervades my soul,
no bounding hope of
joy waxing within
my aching breast

detritus in my mind
spills into the void
once filled by
your love for me;
obsession and
control overtook
carful tender feelings

more dangerous
than a poison arrow,
black-hearted words
that haunt my dreams,
the residue of
our relationship


You’d think I’d have lots of time to write now that I’m done kidding and calving, but things are still crazy busy.  I’ve sent the novel to the publisher, and I’m waiting to see the cover art.  The garden is growing and I’ve been making lots of soap. I had to find time to visit the greatest of hosts and participate in the fun this week.  Be sure to visit G-Man for more Flash 55 contributions.