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12 Jul

new moon dark
pervades my soul,
no bounding hope of
joy waxing within
my aching breast

detritus in my mind
spills into the void
once filled by
your love for me;
obsession and
control overtook
carful tender feelings

more dangerous
than a poison arrow,
black-hearted words
that haunt my dreams,
the residue of
our relationship


You’d think I’d have lots of time to write now that I’m done kidding and calving, but things are still crazy busy.  I’ve sent the novel to the publisher, and I’m waiting to see the cover art.  The garden is growing and I’ve been making lots of soap. I had to find time to visit the greatest of hosts and participate in the fun this week.  Be sure to visit G-Man for more Flash 55 contributions.

The Interloper

6 Aug

I walked along the corn field

trying to guess potential yield.

I notice the broken stalk and

the ear that had been nibbled

and curse the deer for stealing

my struggling corn crop.

The doomsday phrase “extreme

drought” leaves my future in doubt.

I worry and fret over the cost to

plant and harvest non-existent crops.

Can I survive if truly all is lost?

Up one row to the right I glance

and her presence I notice by chance.

A tranquil private moment I spy-

the beauty of Diana’s creature,

her serenity nearly moved me to tears.

Tractors, planters and yields no longer matter

I could only feel an enormous guilt

of destroying her home with every

fence, furrow, and field we farmers built.

Her presence my world did shatter.

How dare I feel it is my land

when her gentle kind have been

roaming these plains longer

than I could ever imagine.

Money is all I stand to lose with

no rainfall coming to quench

the thirst of the dry cracked soil.

She sleeps and looks peaceful,

but the corn is her only meal

and water is even more elusive.

Silently I walk back to the farmhouse

grateful for all that I have.


Linking to Real Toads and d’Verse Poets for their open links.


1 Aug

The challenge at Real Toads today is to write a poem using the method of zuihitsu.  It’s a Japanese style of poetry that draws upon Buddhist thoughts and resembles personal narrative~almost a diary entry rather than a poem that follows a strict form.  You can find much more information about this form HERE.

Standing in the Back Forty watching the goats browse as the hot sun beats down, I realize how blessed I am.  I imagine how happy I would be to live as an animal, content in my surroundings as long as my belly is full.  Then I hear the beautiful tune of the bobolink, and I smile to be who I am.

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The Voice of Wisdom

26 Jul

Her little voice reached my ears,

“I wish we never had bad things happen;

I’d be happy all the time.”

“But little one,” I replied,

“How would you know you were happy?

If you knew no discontent, what

would make you learn new things

and try to improve yourself?

Pain and adversity help us grow.”


This is my contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  I’m also linking this to d’Verse Poets challenge to write a poem addressing balance.


15 Jul

The Sunday challenge at Real Toads is to write a huitain.  It is an eight line poem with each line containing eight or ten syllables.  The rhyme scheme is: ababbcbc.  This makes it similar to the ballade.



I keep my heart sealed in a jar;

Seal’d safely, I am free from care.

No worries I’ll leave it afar,

Never another painful tear.

With anyone I’ll never share

I won’t allow myself to love

This fake smile on my face I wear

Until I meet with God above.


For more information on the form or other poems written for today’s challenge, be sure to visit Real Toads.

Lay Me Down

13 Jul

The challenge at Real Toads today is an homage to Friday the 13th!  Luckily, I’ve no fear of the day, and I enjoyed the challenge of writing a rondeau (a thirteen line poem).  The form is aabba aabc aabbac.  The first half of the first line forms a refrain that is repeated as the 9th and 13th lines.

Lay me down and watch me die.

Beneath the old oak I will lie.

Dense leaves allow not a single ray

of sunshine through the whole day

no matter how brightly they might try.


My life has been harvested like rye.

Though my journey is done, do not cry.

Fall to your knees and for me do pray.

Lay me down.


I’ll join the angels on high

residing with my gods in the sky.

Forever with them I will stay,

but into your dreams I will foray.

Lay me down.


19 May

The challenge at Real Toads for the weekend is to write a tetractys.  It is a poem consisting of twenty syllables.  It’s divided into five lines with the following syllable count:  1, 2, 3, 4, 10.



a new plant

growing stronger

Mother Nature renews herself each spring.


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For the Letter Z

16 May

the Earth’s heavenly

halo in its zenith

shines radience

down upon the

crown of my head

blessings flow

through my body

from head to toe

clearing all worries

leaving me empty

in a state of

zen enlightenment

peace reigns supreme


Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday has arrived once again at the letter Z.  Z is for zen.


10 May

This week Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday is up to the letter Y.  Here is my humble offering~a trio of haiku and a bonus poem all about yesterday.


yesterday’s calling

pleasant memories lead me

to forget today


yesterday’s haunting

visits my sleep with nightmares

neverending fear


yesterday is done

today brings a new dawning

live the day fully

Yesterday fades away

into a vivid recreation

that tears me apart.

Insults and transgressions

are magnified;

the good times don’t exist.

I’ll never get over you!

You hurt me; I was helpless

as you weilded your Svengali

powers to turn me into a

hapless victim of your love.


Spring Rains

7 May

Thunder rumbles across the sky

Flash of lightening catches my eye

A spring rainstorm is drawing near

Seek shelter before it is here, and you’ll stay dry.

Gentle rain soaks into the ground

Puddles for birds to gather round

An encircling rainbow hug

The low slow rasping of a bug, the only sound.


The Sunday Challenge at Real Toads was to write a Florette.  It is at least two stanzas of four lines.  The syllable requirements are 8, 8, 8, and 12.  the rhyme scheme is a, a, b, a.  In addition, the 8th syllable of the fourth line rhymes with the end of the 3rd line.  If I’ve confused you, check out the much better explanation at Real Toads.