The Midnight Darkness

Today I’m sharing another poem I wrote as an example for my students.  This one is a quatern.  Today I’m sharing with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for their “Promises in the Dark” prompt.  It mostly, kinda fits.


Walking in the midnight darkness
searching blindly for my old soul,
connecting to earth and family–
how I got to be who I am.

Questioning society’s ways,
walking in the midnight darkness
trying to figure the reason
why the world is crazy today.

Hate and greed fueled by greater fear,
man attacks human and nature.
walking in the midnight darkness,
traveling a destructive path.

How can I make a change within,
appeal to greater love and hope,
asking society to quit
walking in the midnight darkness.

Google Search Poem

I am doing NaPoWriMo with my students.  Since school is shut down, this is one thing I can do to try to keep them engaged.  I am writing some poems to share with them, so I thought I’d share them here too.

For this one I borrowed a prompt from Real Toads from several years ago.  The task is to type a word into google search and see what the prediction gives for words.  Then use those words to create your poem.

I typed the word paint into google.  This is what the prediction gave me.

words on a page
painting ideas
from deep within
my inner heart

diamonds of wisdom
shared with family
mask my tears
to be their strength


Today I’m sharing with d’Verse Poets open link.

Riddle Poem

I recently started my English students blogging. To help them, I had my goat, Myson, start a blog.  He did one of their assignments–a riddle poem.  They were to describe something from nature in a vivid and unique way.  Here is Myson’s poem.

Raucous yells across the fields
Eyes and eyes and eyes watching–
navy iris surrounded by turquoise;
gold and copper eyelashes–
searching treetops for friends,
a flash of iridescent indigo
heralds the arrival of another
shimmering jade chassis
to join the ostentation.

Find out what it is by clicking HERE.

I am sharing today at d’Verse Poets for their open link.