The Other Side of Spring

I haven’t spent much time writing poetry lately.  I’m deeply entrenched in revising my new novel.  I’m making progress, but I tell you, the editing might some day drive me crazy.

The Wednesday Out of Standard challenge is to take a look at spring’s dark side.  I’ve also written this in 55 Words for G-Man.

female bluebird

A nest is built

soft feathers line

high in the tree

safe from predators

eggs laid and turned

tended with care

kept warm beneath

mother’s body

helpless naked babies

fight free from shell

into precarious life

tiny fledglings grow

raging storm attacks

flinging fledglings

unprotected into

darkness of night

to drown alone

on sodden ground


Cascading Poem and Haiku

The Sunday Mini Challenge at Real Toads is another linking type of poem.  This one cascading.  The first stanza (3 – 5 lines) will make the concluding line of each of the following stanzas.  You can read Hedgewitch’s much better explanation at Real Toads.

In addition, the theme for Haiku Heights is red.  I wrote a haiku for my first stanza and used each line as the concluding line for each of the following stanzas.


flash of winter red

coming to feeders for food

waiting for a mate


tiny frozen fruit

crab apples cling to the tree

flash of winter red


finches and sparrows

woodpeckers, blue jays galore

coming to feeders for food


deer search the forest

spring promises a new life

waiting for a mate


Spring Arrives

A Roundel for the Real Toads challenge.

spring arrives announced by the yellow bee

accompained by warmth in the sweet air

birds and leaves begin to show on the tree

spring arrives


a gentle breeze lifts and tosses my hair

blowing in the wind, wild and free

turning my face to feel the warm fresh air


grass turns green covering the ground boldly

birds flying to the trees working as a pair

building a nest to raise their family

spring arrives