The challenge for today at Real Toads is to use three words from the provided word list.  I’ve used more, so I hope that’s okay.  For my inspiration, I’ve also drawn on my recent experience with a faulty furnace trying to kill me.  Luckily, the animals and I are all safe, but it does make one pensive.

overnight clouds
blanket the sky
snow piled high
against the house

heat laced with
deadly poison
filters throughout
the sleeping house

bedside clock vainly
announces the morning;
heart’s ache waiting
to be discovered

quiet and still in bed
resting the deep sleep
of death beneath
red carnation cheeks

A Prayer

Today I am combining memes and joining Real Toad’s challenge from Saturday challenge to write a tritina.  They define it as:

It is a ten-line poem with three tercets and a final line, featuring three repeating, non-rhyming line-end words, like this:
The final line contains all 3 words as 1-2-3
I am also sharing with the Tuesday Platform since I’m so late.
Finally, I’m linking to d’Verse Poets where the Tuesday Challenge is to find beauty in ugliness.


petaled head bowed in prayer
once brilliant colors now muted
flower sings a silent song in death

nature’s beauty not lost to death
a flower’s promise my prayer
internal beauty never muted

the years pass; the heart muted
the soul resists a bodily death
goddess answers my prayer

prayer’s promise never muted by death

I Didn’t Know Him

I didn’t really know him–
just a kid in my grade.
Sat next to him in a
science class one day;
made me feel like a friend–
tall, skinny with a goofy smile.

I didn’t really know him–
just a kid in my grade.
Passed him in the halls
jostling from class to class,
a huge smile on his face
always made me happy.

I didn’t really know him–
just a kid in my grade.
Guess nobody knew the
sadness behind the smile.
Friends and family all shocked
never to see that grin again.

I didn’t really know him–
just a kid in my grade.
Why am I crying so hard
for a face in the yearbook?
Now I know what lies ahead;
I am no longer immortal.