Oh E-Coli

Tiny evil microbial organism

not visible to the naked eye,

you stop me in my tracks

leaving me weak, weary, worn.

A cot next to the toilet;

My only food groups:

apples, bananas, cereal.

For an unbearable length

you play the tune that

has my guts salsa dancing.

I’m begging you to leave me alone.


My sick offering to Fireblossom Friday (Why oh why did she assign the topic of bodies for this week’s writing?) as well as G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  I told you, G~it’s been a rough week. 🙂


Wearing green and smiling big

waiting for the parade to start

Green and gold beads thrown

to the crowd.

Cheering with joy, kids race

to catch their prize.

Parents sending kids home

with grandparents;

Time for adult celebration:

green beer

cabbage and potatoes

green beer

corned beef

green beer

“Kiss me, I’m Irish!”

green beer…

Here’s my late humble offering for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

The Eye Patch

She’d never thought of dating a pirate.  This wasn’t the sixteenth century.  He seemed normal other than the eye patch.  This was the first she’d seen it.  But the date had been romantic.  Now it was time to sneak to the bathroom and head home.  She looked in the water glass, panicked and ran away.

It’s a Pirate 55 for my pirate friends and G-Man.  Thanks to Ron for the glass eye. 🙂