Farewell Dance

Today’s task is to feel the love in 55 words.  It’s a poem for both d’Verse Poets and G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

dead flower

dancing in the dark,
cover of night to
shield the tears
on my cold cheek
as you hold me close;
strong arm on
the small of my back,
guiding me across
the hushed room
to quiet of the bed,
to sweet good-byes
before you leave
in the morning
to answer the
soldier’s call of duty

Get Listed

Real Toads gave us a list today from Ed Pilolla.  I took some words from his list and added some of my own to come up with 55 words, so I’ll be sharing this with G-Man also, for Friday Flash 55.


silvery pale, smiling

moonlight streams

down mountaintops

filling ancient gorges,

gaining strength,

greedy freefall flowing,

cascading, until it crashes

into a shining star

breaking my heart

when its tear splashes

over my ancient silent soul

murmuring its mournful

“I love you” song, while

whispering in my ear

a dazzling farewell forever

streak across the sky


Anagram Farewell

Talk about challenging!  At NaPoWriMo this morning, we were directed to write a poem by putting our name in an anagram generator.   That generated quite the interesting list of words.  I also decided to combine this with the challenge at Real Toads where we were to write a hello and/or good-bye poem.  I’ve italicized the words that came from the anagrams.

tarot card

ripe pear from tree

sweet spirea scent

rest near ancient spire

entrap sprite and siren

with sepia praise

repeat Pan’s rite of sin

nip and tease at

nape of naked neck

enter garden’s gate

pant and rut till spent

musky rape seed in air

rest on bed of sweet pea

then spin star anise

to  part eastern sky

tern preens and prates

her passionate rant

from aspen grove

sea tears near spent

as lovers must part