Words Unspoken

Today’s task for d’Verse Poets is to write a poem using slant rhyme for Meeting the Bar.  These are near rhymes as opposed to perfect rhymes.

Founders Cemetery at Naples, New York

sorrow grips my heart
shattered by death’s dart

the pale ghost of love lost
haunts dreams and thoughts

bonds death has broken
silent words left unspoken

wondering as I whisper
messages for angels to deliver

the sorrow of my human failure
depriving us a growing old future

shall we meet once again
when I join you in the divine

Nature Comforts

Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to write a poem that makes use of the pathetic fallacy, providing human emotion and  behavior to nature.

full moon

Moon stares, unblinking,
at lone figure by graveside
while sad winds whisper
the nature of her grief;
Earth swallowing her love,
reclaiming the physical,
a return to its origin.
His soul free from disease
rides the night winds
to twinkling stars high above
smiling down to ease grief;
she rises, looking to night sky,
somehow comforted, less alone.

One More Time

Sharing with the open link for Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.  This is not a work of non-fiction, but sadly it’s inspired by the recent losses of two families I know.


just one more time to say “I love you,”
and to see your loving face,
brown eyes, same as mine,
reflecting a father’s love

wrinkles and graying hair,
I think I may have caused
more than a few of those
before I grew up and moved away

thinking back I remember
the kisses you used to cure
a scraped elbow or  bruised knee;
later to mend my broken heart

all those times you caught me
stern voice; mouth set harsh
grounding me out of love;
if only I’d realized back then

you walked me down the aisle
trusting another man to love me
always making him a bit nervous
afraid to hurt your baby girl

I’ll never forget your look of joy
holding your first grandchild
more kisses to fix bumps and bruises
that was just your way

I wished so hard to grow up
never thought it meant your aging
when did you become so old?
never thought about this day

brown eyes same as mine
reflecting a father’s love
just one more time, I’d say “I love you,”
if I could see your loving face