After a way too long absence, I am happy to be joining d’Verse Poets for their Tuesday challenge where the topic is frustration and heartbreak.  I’m also sharing with Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

So tired of being the one
to take the blame
and bear the shame
of everyone else’s pain.

Shoulders sag and back bent
with woes of feeling guilty
for everything I may
or may not have caused.

It’s not my fault
the world is not fair;
I tried to help you feel better.
I tried to ease your way.

I tried to fix your pain,
but failed to do the job;
that’s the guilt that
hurts my heart the most.

Silent Night

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Oh silent night, most unholy birth.

Quick!  Quick!  What have we done?

In the back yard!

Bury it before morning comes.

When the neighbors ask

About the dirt mound,

We’ll say it was just our cat.

Nobody has to know, and

If we just deny it long enough

It will be like it never happened.

Mag 37: Reflections on my Soul

Reflections on my Soul

I wonder how my actions will

photo courtesy of Willow

stand up; will they  be

pristine and crystal clear,

or will they be warped to

reveal a blackened soul?

I look in the mirror and

wonder how I will stand up

when it comes to judgement day.

Daily I check to see if there

are sins written upon my face.

When I lie down in my bed

my mind wanders to the mirror.

Was that a wrinkle caused by

a sin or laugh lines from

time well-spent?  Perhaps

it is the mirror that should

be punished for constantly

passing judgement on my life.


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