A Celebration Haibun

Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a haibun that is about a celebration revolving around the holiday season.  So here’s my true tale of a rather stressful winter break that ended in celebration.


I didn’t know that the door was ajar–such a simple oversight on my part, but that is all it took. Rocky made his escape.  My big tiger and white housecat is out in the midst of Iowa’s harsh winter.  With no idea of the coming storm, he runs from me when I call, acting as if he’s not spent every night of the last five years sharing my bed.  My heart is breaking with worry; however, he is happy to make his way in the world as the feral hunter he thinks he was born to be.  But Iowa storms are even more fierce, and Rocky is smart, smart enough to know he needs food, shelter, and a soft pillow. So he returns to my home and embraces my willingness to softly scratch his head.

back from his journey
the feline Odysseus
cause to celebrate


Family Picnics

Today’s challenge for d’Verse Poets is to write a haibun about a picnic. I’m also sharing with Real Toads.

When my son was born, I felt like I was cheating him.  As a single mom, he only had half a family, and I set out to make sure it was at least a complete one.  Our family vacations were usually three generations–my mom, my son and me–traveling to discover more of our family.  We visited libraries and museums and cemeteries to research our family history.  The cemeteries were always the best.  My son would pretend a square squat stone was a piano and practice his fingerings.  He would take out his toy tractor and drive it, farming between the endless rows of headstones.  He could run and laugh with family rather than be shushed like at the libraries.  Then we would picnic with our deceased relatives.

a graveside sandwich
nourishing soul and spirit
connect to the past

I didn’t have an old picture with my son in it (at least not on my computer), so this is a selfie with my sister when we picnicked with my great-great grandparents last summer.


Once Upon A…

Once again I am combining prompts.  The Tuesday Challenge at d’Verse Poets is to create a new twist on the old fairy tale beginning by starting our poem with “Once upon a ___.”  The Heeding Haiku challenge at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie has given us the theme of “raindrops shimmer”.

Once upon a shimmering raindrop, nature existed in an upside down otherworldly sphere.  The towering trees and twinkling sun were all topsy turvy in miniature, yet they remained beautiful.  Light refracted gave a new perspective to all the world’s beauty.  If only we could learn to filter our everyday problems and deep sorrows through a raindrop to gain perspective.  Would they seem so difficult viewed through this new lens?  Would their miniature nature help to ease the enormity of their pain right side up?

shimmering raindrop
refract our problems away
a new perspective