The challenge this past weekend at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for Saturday’s Mix was to write a pastoral–poetry or prose.  Despite a rather non-idyllic last few months on the farm, I found some inspiration this evening.  Although it might be frowned upon sharing only a haiku for the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads, that’s all I’ve had time for lately.  Please forgive me and enjoy Caroline.

a rare selfie with Sweet Caroline




a perfect moment
sweet baby girl snuggling
into tender heart




Chevrefeuille has given us the task today to write a haibun about choices.  A haibun combines a paragraph or more of poetic prose with a haiku that complements the prose.  You can read other entries to this challenge HERE.

I chose to go public with my story–an accidental pregnancy that brought me joy. The choice I made once upon a time long, long ago–twenty-eight years to be exact–was mine, but my family rallied around me through the good and the bad.  It had the makings of a fairy tale ending. Until now. Until my public declarations became offensive and hurtful. Now the judgments fall from their lofty heights, raining down on my heart. How could I know? Now I am alone by the consequence of my choice, a mother without a son.

no longer family
over love’s declaration
rip my heart to shreds