Words Unspoken

Today’s task for d’Verse Poets is to write a poem using slant rhyme for Meeting the Bar.  These are near rhymes as opposed to perfect rhymes.

Founders Cemetery at Naples, New York

sorrow grips my heart
shattered by death’s dart

the pale ghost of love lost
haunts dreams and thoughts

bonds death has broken
silent words left unspoken

wondering as I whisper
messages for angels to deliver

the sorrow of my human failure
depriving us a growing old future

shall we meet once again
when I join you in the divine

Rhyme Royal

I’m horribly late joining G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 fun and Fireblossom has given us the challenge to write a Rhyme Royal for today’s challenge at Real Toads.  I’m combining the two challenges.

Lying in bits and pieces of glitter and fairy dust
I view all the shattered sections of my life
seeing my youthful mind beginning to rust
thoughts of trouble, pain and loss run rife.
Enough of this darkness and unpleasant strife!

I vow to celebrate life each new day
with love, music and magical play!


I’m linking to Real Toads and d’Verse Poets for the open links.  Sadly, this is how my morning started, and we’ve now had that confirmation that the school where I work has lost one of its students.

waiting and wondering
that’s what kills;
no–flames kill
did they kill him?
“…home caught fire last night
just before midnight
rescue crews were called…”
news reporter’s voice
echoes through my mind.
Please just be nasty rumors,
not the true kind,
the kind that torture while
you wait for confirmation
your friend isn’t walking
through those doors ever again,
our friendship consumed
in those late night flames.
waiting for confirmation
waiting for sadness
waiting for the worst
waiting with tears
mourning already