Crow Beneath the Moon

I am combining challenges from Mindlovemiserys Menagerie where today’s Tale Weaver challenge is to write about the moon and Real Toads where Fireblossom Friday is back to challenge us to write about crows.  I choose to do the challenge in the form of a triolet.  I’m also sharing with the open mic for d’Verse Poets.


A murder of crows
beneath the silver moon;
from the tree tops arose
a murder of crows.

Their raucous cry grows
leaving me in a swoon–
a murder of crows
beneath the silver moon.



Nature Comforts

Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to write a poem that makes use of the pathetic fallacy, providing human emotion and  behavior to nature.

full moon

Moon stares, unblinking,
at lone figure by graveside
while sad winds whisper
the nature of her grief;
Earth swallowing her love,
reclaiming the physical,
a return to its origin.
His soul free from disease
rides the night winds
to twinkling stars high above
smiling down to ease grief;
she rises, looking to night sky,
somehow comforted, less alone.

Get Listed with Kenia Cris

Kenia Cris has provided us a sci fi list of words from Philip Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for the Real Toads Wednesday Get Listed challenge.  I’m horribly late to the party.  I’m also sharing at the Open Link for Real Toads and d’Verse Pub.


Ever present cosmic dust
contained future possibilities
a new chance to soar
through the roof and land
on the third golden moon,
but ever present human frailties
reveal a collection of doubt, and
cardboard stones can shatter
a newly crestfallen house
where the dismal result makes
another semi-ruined fragile soul.