Millie Ann Saanen

I was really excited to see the challenge at Real Toads today.  Peggy gave us the challenge of exploring the world through the perspective of an animal.  You might not know this, but I share my farm with the world famous musical blogging goat Millie Ann Saanen.  She’s quite the special lady.  At 9 1/2 years old, she’s very wise and has no problems maaing her wisdom to others.  She’s also one of the “characters” in my new novel, Aeviternus Adventures Book I: The Elements.  This challenge was right up my barnyard!  I just told Millie to take it from here.

Saanen goat novel character

“Stupid human trying to sell her novel, while I’m writing serious poetry here.  I better get extra corn for this.”

tap, tap, tap under the silvery moon

old barn boards as my drum

tap, tap, tap a soothing rhythm

as I play my goat horns

chewing cud and ruminating on

the perfect life this old goat has

tap, tap, tap through the night

a comfort for my herd to hear



D’Verse Poets has introduced us to the poetic form known as la lune.  It’s similar to a haiku but counts words rather than syllables.  One form has 3-5-3 and is the Collom Lune.  The Kelly Lune has 5-3-5.

songs running through my mind

singing a melody

cheering my heart and soul

tuba keys

icy notes of the flute

trilling and thrilling

flying through the auditorium’s indoor sky


love’s melancholy song

heart breaks like guitar string

no replacing it


I’m going to have to go visit the band room for flute and guitar pictures.