Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a poem in celebration of the ordinary things.  It seemed like a perfect time to write about knitting, which I have only just recently begun.  I am truly enjoying it.  I am also sharing with Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

Sitting on the couch,
cozy in the winter evening
the quiet click of needles
blended with a crackling fire
sing a song of creation;
an ancient craft of love.
The yarn draped around
a finger, wrapped around
a needle and through itself,
a motion repeated endlessly,
stitching from one needle
to another–back and forth.
The cloth grows, as the
skein in my lap shrinks;
The motion a mediation,
freeing the mind from
the worries of the day.

My Healing Place

I am very late joining the party at Real Toads for the Saturday challenge of writing about a place we love, a place that heals us.  Obviously, that is my pasture.  I’m also joining d’Verse Poets where the challenge is to write a quadrille (44 word poem) using some form of the word spoil.

My thinking rock being used by the goats.

nature’s beauty
surrounds me–
the birds’ song
by the wind
whipping through trees;
tall grass reaches
up tickling my ankles
as I sit on my granite
thinking rock.
Peace comes to me
in this happy place,
where healing happens
unspoiled by
man’s progress.

A Prayer

Today I am combining memes and joining Real Toad’s challenge from Saturday challenge to write a tritina.  They define it as:

It is a ten-line poem with three tercets and a final line, featuring three repeating, non-rhyming line-end words, like this:
The final line contains all 3 words as 1-2-3
I am also sharing with the Tuesday Platform since I’m so late.
Finally, I’m linking to d’Verse Poets where the Tuesday Challenge is to find beauty in ugliness.


petaled head bowed in prayer
once brilliant colors now muted
flower sings a silent song in death

nature’s beauty not lost to death
a flower’s promise my prayer
internal beauty never muted

the years pass; the heart muted
the soul resists a bodily death
goddess answers my prayer

prayer’s promise never muted by death