Inside Out

Once again I’m hosting at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for Saturday’s Mix.  The challenge today was to write about watching someone whether known or secretly.

Looking at myself
from the outside in:
crow’s feet at the eyes
from squinting beneath
the garden’s sunshine;
untamed blond hair,
baby fine and natural;
blue eyes with wisdom
hard learned from mistakes;
wrinkles line the mouth–
smile or scowl lines?
Overall not the face of
fifty years of life.
Success in career
Fiercely independent
Happily on my own
Walking to my own beat

Looking at myself
from the inside out:
a bruised heart from
those that shouldn’t hurt
simply won’t heal;
exhaustion from working–
doing the same thing
over and over again
the cycle of life drudgery;
the aches of arthritis persist
no matter how much
ignored and denied;
wisdom and love seem
trapped within insecurity
of teenage longing for more.
Going through the motions
Hating to ask for help
Isolated from family
Wanting to run away

Why oh why can’t a
woman judge herself
from someone else’s shoes?



I’m excited to be hosting Saturday’s Mix at Mindlovelisery’s Menagerie this summer.  Here is my meager offering, a hummingbird shadorma (a short poem with the following syllable count per line:  3 5 3 3 7 5).


frantic wings
in continuous
motion; now
avian helicopter
hummingbird glory


Ode to a Struggling Poet

I recently had my students write an ode and thought I should be a good role model, so I’m sharing the poem I wrote for their assignment with the open link for d’Verse Poets today.

write a word20170222_103323
cross it out
try again and
hit a wall–
take a break
go for a walk,
out in nature
go in search
of inspiration;
today’s Muse
is reclusive.

yet when she
comes, the words,
the words flow
like waves to
the shore–
the heart’s meter
the beat of
a poem,
the perfect breath
of harmony
etched in writing
flowing across
the white page.