Ode to a Struggling Poet

I recently had my students write an ode and thought I should be a good role model, so I’m sharing the poem I wrote for their assignment with the open link for d’Verse Poets today.

write a word20170222_103323
cross it out
try again and
hit a wall–
take a break
go for a walk,
out in nature
go in search
of inspiration;
today’s Muse
is reclusive.

yet when she
comes, the words,
the words flow
like waves to
the shore–
the heart’s meter
the beat of
a poem,
the perfect breath
of harmony
etched in writing
flowing across
the white page.

The Muse

It’s Fireblossom Friday over at Real Toads.  We’ve been challenged to write a poem inspired by the work or life of artist Seraphine Louis.  She has an interesting story of cleaning woman, artist, success, Depression, and asylum.  I’ve chosen to focus on that link between creativity and insanity.


A poem jotted under
cover of darkness
for no eyes to read
or heart to hear.

The muse whispers
in my silent ear
the fantastic ideas
I dare not speak.

Obey the command
to create private poetry
or perish by those
thoughts trapped inside.

Scorching flames that
consume my sanity,
leaving the charred
remains of an artist denied.