Riddle Poem

I recently started my English students blogging. To help them, I had my goat, Myson, start a blog.  He did one of their assignments–a riddle poem.  They were to describe something from nature in a vivid and unique way.  Here is Myson’s poem.

Raucous yells across the fields
Eyes and eyes and eyes watching–
navy iris surrounded by turquoise;
gold and copper eyelashes–
searching treetops for friends,
a flash of iridescent indigo
heralds the arrival of another
shimmering jade chassis
to join the ostentation.

Find out what it is by clicking HERE.

I am sharing today at d’Verse Poets for their open link.


Today I am joining the d’Verse Poets for their “Let’s Get Elemental” challenge.  I have chosen to write about the element Plutonium.

Heavy metal lethargy
kissed by everyday air,
destroying self through
spontaneous combustion!
How did I get to be
such an explosive metallic
mess–unnatural, unstable?
Plutonium radiation
within my cranium
waiting to self-destruct,
poison with the force of
a detonating nuclear bomb!
What will I become?
Maybe I can simply decay
into something more stable.

Photograph of the Atomic Cloud Rising Over Nagasaki, Japan


The challenge at d’Verse Poets for Monday’s quadrille (a poem of exactly 44 words) is to incorporate the word rich.  My inspiration comes from the current attack on women’s rights that we are facing here in the United States.  I’m also sharing with Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

my body a corpse
shrouded in tapestry,
rich in blood and
history of wounds–
a crown of thorns
upon my uterus
nailed to a cross–
bearing the scars
of all my fellow
sacrificial women;
punishment for
bearing the stain
of original sin–
being woman.