Mother Earth


our world; our responsibility; everyone impacts

Earth loves and nurtures

provides all we need.

we take and take

and never put back.

rip Her open and

tear out Her resources.

move mountains

fill in wetlands

cut down trees

make plastic to sit

forever in man-made landfills.

a disposable society

of luxury and convenience.

we’re throwing away

our Mother Earth.


This is for the open link for Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.

When Elephants Fly

Smokestacks belching putrid nuclear smoke.

City lights escape to the once dark endless sky

Revealing the pollution and junk floating in space.

Water ripples with each new tire or beer can tossed in.

The sun is blocked with the black air from car exhaust.

Politicians will clean it up when elephants fly,

so I guess it’s up to you and me.


courtesy of Magpie Tales

Linking to Magpie Tales #85