Books On a Shelf

Books on a shelf–
words enter my being,
characters worm their way
into my heart and soul,
searing their experiences
into my thoughts and
sharing their memories,
mixing with mine;
living a thousand lives
from the safety of my couch
knowing I’ll never see their
worlds with my eyes–
only through
books on a shelf.

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I Read

I’m hosting Saturday’s Mix at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie today.  The challenge is to use a Homeric simile in our writing.  Here’s my feeble effort.  I am also sharing with Real Toads for their open link.

I read.

Like a man

at the verge of death,


through the desert,

drinks with abandon

upon the appearance

of a sparkling spring

until he can take in

no more of the

life sustaining liquid,

so do I devour

the written word.

Word upon word,

page after page,

I gorge myself,

an attempt to satiate

my voracious appetite.

But to what avail?

All Bottled Up

Reading is constantly  learning

experiencing endless worlds

through the words of others~

learning about history and

fantastic sci-fi futures

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and keeping up with the present;

science and world discoveries

are available at my fingertips.

How to do so many things~

gardening, cooking, home repair;

a whole section of  my brain

reserved for helping myself~

better sex.

better health.

better wealth.

Finding God and gods and goddesses;

reading and learning the meaning of life~

I keep it to myself all bottled up.

What good is that?


This is my contribution to this week’s Magpie Tales #115 and the open link for d’Verse poets.