To me, effervescence is~

Excited laughter of small children

Following an energetic puppy

Fishing for compliments in a new dress

Entering a happy party of friends

Rock ‘n Roll til the day I die

Visits from Grandpa and Grandma

Experiencing life to the fullest

Smiling and singing a happy song

Coloring my world with a rainbow paintbrush

Exocit foods from lands far away

Night time bonfires billowing smoke to the stars

Climbing to the top of a hill to smile at God

Energetic and enthusiastic excitement~effervescence

This is my contribution to the challenge at Real Toads where we are to write a (13 line) poem on effervescence.

Poem Sketching

The poetry challenge at real toads today is based on the work of Sanford Lyne.  We were to choose a word group and use it to write a poem.  The word group I chose was:  blackbirds (I changed to peacock), snow, tail feathers, and ink.

peafowl strutting stately and proud

bright blue beauty against white snow

tail feathers trail gracefully behind

with leering eyes like a pen and ink drawing


As a second one I chose the word group including: mother, folds, twilight and hands.

silently the

young mother

folds her

hands in

twilight prayer


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The challenge at Real Toads is to write at least three Tanka.  They follow the format of 5-7-5-7-7 for syllables per line.

danger lurks within

fire raging underneath

bursting forth lava

flowing slowly down hillsides

silent hush of destruction


seeds sleeping in ground

soil gives seeds nutrients

roots break through seed coat

leaf upon leaf growing strong

buds, blossoms and blooms abound


dragon’s breath spewing

hot flames from reptilian mouth

burning land around

sight of a lady dragon

changes flames to loving heart