The challenge at Real Toads today is to write a poem inspired by shoes.  I’ve chosen to write about the shoes of Auschwitz, tens of thousands left behind by the victims.


walk in our shoes
a march to the grave
wrists bearing tattoos
walk in our shoes
never again excuse
or sing a tyrant’s praise
walk in our shoes
a march to the grave


Shoes–worn and ragged–

story of a hard life

lived on the brink.

The hole in the soul

from a rocky rugged path.

Scuff marks;

Ragged laces broken, uneven

trail beneath tugging, tripping,

trying to pull me down.

Each step another chance to fall,

another mark or scuff.

Or a step forward

to shiny new shoes.


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Hollie over at 2BabyCakes gave us the challenge this week of photographing feet for Perceptive Perspective.  Now, if you have a cute little baby at home with pudgy feet, that’s no problem.  I already used my goats for the “kids” challenge.  That left me with the mundane–my own feet.  Here they are, and I am a No nonsense type of lady.

Don’t get me wrong, way back in the late ’80s I was not so practical.  I wore the heels and hose and I still have the vintage 1980s black 3 inch heels with the bow on the back.  After years of heels, I had to make some changes.

Do you know who’s shoe this is?  My new favorite designer–Dr. Scholls.  It has something to do with the arthritis behind the big toes.  My podiatrist gives me some seriously good anti-inflammitories.  Oh my, I’m certainly showing my age with this post.

Even if my feet pictures aren’t great, I think it was an amazing feat.  I was seriously challenged.  I didn’t have any knee high hose, so I pulled the sweat pants above the knees and just kind of put on the hose.  Then I had Leo helping me (note the whiskers).  Way too challenging for me.

Finally, I quit trying to photograph feet (aren’t you glad), and I dug out the pictures I took last fall.  These abandoned shoes were in my pasture when I bought it.

They don’t match, and I wonder about the feet that once called these shoes home.  Why were they left lying in a cow pasture?

Head over to Perceptive Perspective Photo Challenge at for more adorable feet pictures!